Some of the projects I did in the last few years.

Events, workshops and exhibitions

One of the bigger projects was organising ckster - Festival für kontemporäres Hacking together with the amazing crew of RAST. We were able to boot three and a half issues of the festival.

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Talks and lectures

In 2018, I was invited to participate in the 8th Inter-Format Symposium in Nida Lithuania were I presented a performative lecture titled Liturgy for Electronic Waste.

Last year, in 2020, I was able to present my ongoing research project, where I investigate animistic human-computer interfaces, at the reclaim futures conference which was amazing! -> reclaim futures - things are people too

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Essays and texts

One of the bigger projects I did was together with my dear friend Daniel, translating the Eat Your Sidewalk Codebook


I working with code as a professional webdeveloper but also in the field of creative coding.

  • 8888, an ever evolving poem

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Title Date
reclaim futures - things are people too Sep 09, 2020
Liturgy for Electronic Waste Jun 22, 2018