Smart Curation: Algorithmic Phenomenology

Sep 15, 2017

Algorithmic Phenomenology is a short input I gave for a online colloqium on smart curation.


If Smart Curation is focusing on the tension between human and algorithmic curation then we shall not forget that algorithms are already infused with humanity. When we talk about algorithms in our context we mean software and how that software handles information towards a specific goal. Both, software and data-sets, are already humanized and biased by the way they’re constructed, collected and curated by humans.

On the other hand the way algorithms work these days, leaves traces in the creators, programmers and data scientists. An algorithm demands that everything is quantified and the act of quantifying is a specific mode of capitalism and exact sciences. This methodology reinforces, that everything can potentially be an engineering problem.

Smart Curation - Algorithmic Phenomenology - Talk

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